FAQ about Question of the Day

One of Alexa’s most popular and highest rated skills, Question of the Day (QOTD) has more than four million users in five countries around the world. Each day, QOTD poses a new trivia question, from arts and entertainment to literature and science. Users test their knowledge, improve their cultural literacy, collect points, and hear how others have answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using your Alexa device, simply say, “Alexa, ask Question of the Day.” She’ll walk you through your next steps.
One unique aspect of Question of the Day is that you can respond in a variety of ways. You can answer with the letter (A, B, C, D), with the word or phrase (“sunflower”), or with both (“B, sunflower”). Try answering a different way next time and see if that helps.

Points help you determine the difficulty level of the question you are about to be asked. For example, if you’re told the question is worth 10 points, you now know that the question will be more challenging than normal and that few people answered correctly that day. If the question is worth, say, 2 points, the question will be much easier.

Your overall points total is just for fun. You can compare your total with your friends and family for a friendly competition.

Users in the United States can join QOTD’s Trivia Club, where they can participate in regional and national leaderboards. For more information on Trivia Club, see FAQ #6.

Great news: You can still play Question of the Day when away from home! Using the Alexa app on your smart phone or tablet, simply hit the blue circle at the bottom of the screen and say, “Alexa, ask Question of the Day.” (Internet connection required.)
When playing Question of the Day, if you need to hear the question again before answering, just say “Repeat the question.”

Subscribe to the QOTD Trivia Club for only $1.96 USD per month for Amazon Prime members ($2.45 per month for non-members) and each day you’ll receive three challenge questions! You’ll also be able to participate in regional and national leaderboards.

To join, just say “Alexa, ask Question of the Day to subscribe me.” (Currently available only in the United States.)

Upon joining the QOTD Trivia Club, members are automatically placed on state leaderboards, based on their point accumulation over the previous 30 days. Trivia Club members can move up and down on the leaderboards based on the following:
  • Changes in point accumulation over a 30-day period
  • Performance by new members who have joined Trivia Club more recently
  • Success in answering each day’s challenge questions

Users who accumulate enough points to be in the Top 100 in the country are automatically placed on the national leaderboard.

(Trivia Club is currently available only in the United States. To join, just say, “Alexa, ask Question of the Day to subscribe me.”)

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